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Bogdanovic, Caredda, Catelli, Melarangelo, Simafra, Sorgato, Welke.
Edited by Marco Tonelli.

Sergio Vacchi Foundation together with the Werkstatt Galerie of Berlin (Germany) presents an exhibition dedicated to the “gestural” painting of Rudolf Zur Lippe, respected philosopher, historian, economist and artist. For this exhibition he focuses his work on the use of Chinese brush and ink on packaging paper, usually three meters long. At the beginning the signs represented the transposition of flocks of flying birds, and then the medium developed in shapes full of energy and fluidity.

After 10 years of activity, Fondazione Sergio Vacchi presents an exhibition of the most recent works by Adriano Bimbi, an artist from Livorno and professor at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence. The theme “Landscape Studies” has been implemented by the artist on paper and small bronze statuettes. In these works he is interested in the inescapable contrasts, of language that exists between elements of nature and evidence of man on the landscape.

Five young artists graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, Elisa Zadi, Sandro Palmieri, Lorenzo Barbieri, Roberto Caruso, Luca Mauceri, put their artistic backgrounds to the test on a dreadful current theme: land mines. Unexploded mines are a terrible reminder of war in many countries. Left at the end of a conflict, these bombs have no self-destruction mechanism, and can remain hidden in the ground for decades. Land mines, a weapon in a “coward’s war”, are a permanent tragedy of global dimension.

At the entrance of the rooms of the former stables there is an installation made of old wood that forms a raft on which solitary, empty boxes of terracotta and bronze lay. Painted wooden sculptures, spheres, pots and other objects in glazed and “engobe” ceramics, terracotta bars, big iron and bronze sculptures recently made by the artist from Siena are located in the romantic garden of the Castle. These sculptures alone a worth a visit to the exhibition.

Sergio Vacchi Foundation honours the American painter Irving Petlin; born in Chicago in 1934, he lives between The US and Europe, the lands where he has been, and still is happily, active. Vacchi Foundation shows a very significant group of artworks by Petlin: a retrospective view comprised of thirteen oil works (on canvas and paper) and one pastel. For half a century Irving Petlin has strongly sustained the importance of painting and drawing in the creation of a piece of art, and he is a master following the tradition of Odilon Redon, James Ensor and Francis Bacon.

From 30th July to 2nd October 2005 Sergio Vacchi Foundation hosted an exhibition of a group of young artists (both Italian and foreign) all joined together  in creating a shared project: the landscape as a place where seasons alternate, as a moving horizon of our habitat in which lays the original integrity and beauty of nature.

Three years after Augusto Perez died, Vacchi Foundatoin makes a tribute to the incredibly visionary fantasy of one of the most important Italian scuptors of the last half centuary. Works of art of burning and problematic passion will be exposed in the Italian garden of Castello di Grotti, located in the countryside of the Crete Senesi, a series of the ten Clessidre and ten drawings will be shown inside. The aim of the exhibition is to offer visitors an insight into the entire sculptural journey of the life of Augusto Perez and his works of art through contact with pieces full of communicative and mysterious tension.

An exhibition dedicated to the great Giovanni Testori, the intellectual from Milan, expert of the culture of the Italian 19th Century. Rediscovered by Vacchi in his essay on Grundelwald, Testori himself thought and wrote about the painting of his friend from Bologna in 1991. In this exhibition nudes that Testori created between 1972 and 1973 and a number of portraitsof himself that Testori commissioned of contemporary artists are displayed. This was another characteristic, the same preference for portraits: “to portrait” and “to be portrayed” that the writer had in common with the painter.

The legendary Greta Garbo inspired famed film director Giorgio Strehler and talented painter Sergio Vacchi alike. The latter dedicated to Ms Garbo several paintings and recently, inspired by reading the texts by Strehler, he worked again and improved the theme, adding some portraits of the founder of The Piccolo Theatre. On Monday afternoon the vernissage of the exhibition “Greta Garbo-Giorgio Strehler: la chiamata deserta” and interview with the artist. After that in the Foundation’s park, a reading of part of the script by Strehler, read by the actress Andrea Jonasson will take place. To event will conclude with a conversation syle debate between Tullio Kezich and Ugo Ronfani. On Tuesday open doors to visitors of the exhibition; a collection of films curated by The Picolo Theatre, will be shown about Strehler direction, as well as critiques by Carlo Castellaneta.

Vacchi Foundation dedicates an exhibition to contemporary artists who have chosen Tuscany as place to live or stay for a considerable time because it is where they have found an ideal environment to live and work. These artists are internationally renowned and come from many different countries. They all focus on painting or its variations and derivatives The works of Japanese sculto Yoshin Ogata are exposed in the Renaissance garden of Castello di Grotti through which it is possible to admire the formal elaboration of a single theme: Water in nature.

An exhibition of strong European flavor grouping the most important artists of The German Expressionism. The exhibition has several works by Kathe Kollwitz who developed a realistic expression of disapproval between 1904 and 1945. The figurative and realistic paintings timed between the The Two Wars, those of The New Objectivity, will be represented by its most influential artists: Otto Dix, Georg Grosz, Max Beckmann.

A Collective Exhibition made of thity-five contemporary artists from Tuscany, mainly from Florence and Siena, providing a wide and varied range of arts. Works are dedicated to locations and landscapes typical of the Tuscan territory.

Graphic artworks by Goya. In 1999 Vacchi Foundation introduced its activity with an exhibition on the Graphic Art by Goya with 260 engravings.

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